Other rare and threatened Victorian butterflies

Nationally Threatened Butterfly and Moth species (EPBC Act 1999)

Nine species of butterfly and moth listed under the national Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) as of July 2022.

Critically Endangered   
Australian FritillaryArgynnis hyperbius inconstans
Arid Bronze AzureOgyris subterrestris petrina
Tasmanian Chaostola Skipper, Heath-sand SkipperAntipodia chaostola leucophaea
Eltham Copper ButterflyParalucia pyrodiscus lucida
Pink Underwing MothPhyllodes imperialis simthersi
Antbed Parrot MothTrisyntopa scatophaga
Marrawah Skipper, Alpine Sedge Skipper, Alpine SkipperOreisplanus munionga larana
Bathurst Copper Butterfly, Purple Copper Butterfly, Bathurst Copper, Bathurst Copper Wing, Bathurst-Lithgow Copper, Purple CopperParalucia spinifera
Golden Sun MothSynemon plana

Butterfly and Moth species listed in Victoria

Twenty-five species of Butterfly and Moth species listed under current Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988 – Threatened List, July 2022, DELWP Melbourne.

TaxonCommon NameExtinction RiskCategory of Threat
Acrodipsas brisbanensisLarge Ant Blue ButterflyVictoriaEndangered
Acrodipsas myrmecophilaSmall Ant Blue ButterflyVictoriaEndangered
Antipodia atralbaDiamond Sand-skipper ButterflyVictoriaVulnerable
Candalides noelkeri (originally listed as Candalides heathi ‘Wimmera form’)Golden Rayed Blue ButterflyAustraliaEndangered
Hesperilla flavescens (originally listed as Hesperilla flavescens flavescens)Yellow Sedge-skipper ButterflyVictoriaEndangered
Heteronympha cordace wilsoniWestern Bright-eyed Brown ButterflyVictoriaCritically Endangered
Hypochrysops ignitus ignitusFiery Jewel ButterflyVictoriaEndangered
Hypocysta adianteOrange Ringlet ButterflyVictoriaExtinct
Jalmenus iciliusAmethyst Hairstreak ButterflyVictoriaEndangered
Ogyris genoveva (originally listed as Ogyris genoveva araxes)Genoveva BlueVictoriaEndangered
Ogyris halmaturia (originally listed as Ogyris idmo halmaturia)Large Bronze Azure ButterflyVictoriaCritically Endangered
Ogyris otanesSmall Brown Azure ButterflyVictoriaCritically Endangered
Ogyris subterrestris subterrestris (originally listed as Ogyris sp. aff. idmo)Mildura Ogyris ButterflyVictoriaEndangered
Oreixenica latialis theddoraSmall Alpine Xenica ButterflyVictoriaCritically Endangered
Paralucia pyrodiscus lucida*Eltham Copper ButterflyAustraliaCritically Endangered
Pasma tasmanicaTwo-spotted Grass-skipper ButterflyVictoriaEndangered
Synemon discalisSmall Orange-spotted Sun MothVictoriaEndangered
Synemon jcariaReddish-orange Sun MothVictoriaEndangered
Synemon naisOrange Sun MothVictoriaEndangered
Synemon planaGolden Sun MothVictoriaVulnerable
Synemon selenePale Sun MothVictoriaEndangered
Synemon theresaCryptic Sun MothVictoriaExtinct
Telicota eurychloraSouthern Sedge-darter ButterflyVictoriaEndangered
Theclinesthes albocinctus (originally listed as Theclinesthes albocincta)Bitterbush Blue ButterflyVictoriaEndangered
Trapezites luteus luteusYellow Ochre ButterflyVictoriaEndangered